Friday, July 19, 2013

Scholarships from AidtoSchools

     AidToSchools is a non-profit organization operating from the United Kingdom, trying to build a bridge between rural schools in Sri Lanka and expatriate Sri Lankan community in the UK and elsewhere in the world.  We came across this organization in the internet and requested them to visit our blog and see if our school meets their criteria for assistance. 

They promptly responded to our email and informed that they have recently  launched a scholarship program to assist needy school children in Sri Lanka, and that they could offer a few scholarships to our school too if the criteria matches with any of our students.

Initially, the scholarship will pay Rs. 1000/= each per month for a period of 24 months for the selected children.  AidToSchools strongly believes in the Principal's recommendation as a key deciding factor and the child should come from a needy family and have good educational achievements - i.e. Grade 5 Scholarship Examination, G.C.E. (O/L) Examination etc.

Although many of our students come from needy families, 07 students have been selected for the first round from Grade 6 – 13 classes with the help of the Class Teachers. 

Mr. Sujeeva Wijeratne, our Deputy Principal,  organizes this project with the help of Mrs. K.W.C. Jayanthi, the Class Teacher of Grade 8, who has volunteered to assist him.  Selection of students, filling forms, record keeping etc. will be handled by her in consultation with the other Class Teachers.  Further information on this project will follow soon.